Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is a chaos for the fly. – Morticia Addams


hours flew, days passed.
months to years….
the gravity of it, i couldn’t bear.
anxiously waiting,
gravely yearning to grab him.
to be with him,
i clung onto the slight beam and found myself lost in saudade.
his smell began to fade….
i cursed myself to let him go,
but i had no choice rather than do so.
teardrops lingered over the cheeks,
longing just for a mere peek….
i waited for him, desperate and alone.
pining to let him take me,
carrying hope that was meant to be,
my heart ached, cried saying:
its over,
still here i am, unable to restrain myself from my lover.
i miss him, those conversations
those demanding expressions,
the crooked smile, all the while….
those winky eyes, and the grave goodbyes….
my eyes searched for his trace,
still gathering the truth to embrace.
i am all alone, left here once again shattered.
i grasped those ticking hours to me,
leaving him as he wanted to be.
i had to go on, and be gone….
left in depression to mourn…..
love, it’s just a word,
which flew like a bird.

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