The frigging Exams and its hilarious Outcome?

Well, its the time of year where ‘We’ i.e. the sophomores preferably are working our arses out to follow up good and remarkable grades. I’m one of them, and to tell you the truth it has been really tough for me. Not at all studious, i hereby lay in a milieu of heavy and hard books! Gosh! I feel so drained. Of course, you may laugh at my kettle of fish. As unlike you, i am here, stuck and enduring upon my tragic facet. I didn’t prepare when i had time left, so its obvious for you to not empathize upon my status. I feel so devastated.
My mind is full of the precarious things which are least related to the grades, or the topics i should indulge myself with! Its not that exactly anomalous when pondered upon but as per now, it sure is. As the period extends, the measure exceeds cautiously. I’m undoubtedly confined to its trepidation. As much as I try to concentrate, the mind starts to wander in all the cavernous and tempting possessions, cursing myself to why am I drifting in such distractions! No wonder, i am going to flunk. Then within a flick, i ask myself, “really? Am i Really going to flunk?!” Darn! This can’t be happening. How am I supposed to deal with it?! To top it all, i hastily find myself ogling at my mobile screen as my itchy fingers rush towards it to be get socialised through numerous medias and thereby lose myself over it. Such is the gravity that i my conscious mind snaps at me, querying, “is this what i should be doing?” As they say, pleasant hours fly fast. I am left with few hours ominously, awaiting for my exam to commence. I fathom at the thought, and suddenly my lips curve into a grin gathering the plight. I feel like a lunatic, or maybe i am as to what i am ascribing now. Don’t you feel so? Thus, wasting my precious moments worthlessly i tend to rest my lazy body on the world’s strongest magnet i.e. My bed! Bleh. Are you thinking that I am an Idiot? Well, i can’t really argue on that but you’re being mean you know. Ha! That’s a good way of saying it. Right? I am still smiling you see. This mind keeps holding to infinite issues, that lingers still scattered all over it. A huge part of it starts to suffer in panic attacks, as nervousness creeps in enormously bit by bit all over my body. Wow. Yet, i can’t concentrate. Are you guys distracted to this extent? I can hardly question anything now. Recklessly, i close my lids and drift to my unconscious mind, relentless defiantly. Unable to measure its outcome, i lay there till the end and most importantly cursing myself deeply, and quite deep i tell you. Neither my grin stops nor my stupidity.
Exams? Yeah, they take a hell lot and I sure as hell have a lot to prepare fiddling up my fingers and sweating on it! Phew!

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