Different shades of this unbelievable World

The festive season is on and I am witnessing people in different forms with tremendously varied hopes.

It’s not every other day you notice with such frequency or should I say that only and maybe, I don’t? 😜

Due to excessive and continuous rainfall the lower Assam is flooded, yet there are people busy in organising the programmes for Durga Puja, excited about and what else, they are simply happy that the festive season has approached at last. Meanwhile, there’s also endurance, where a husband is heartbroken because his wife has left him. Such was the extension of his excruciating situation, he clung onto a electrical pole in grief of his wife’s

absence. But, that kind of love is not an usual one, is it? Although I am not saying that guys should do it, of course. Don’t be suicidal just to have someone back. It’s gross. It’s bad and trust me on this, you yourself won’t be happy doing it.

I see, kindness now scattered all over as I learnt that a girl has lost her leg in the landslide taken place recently and her co-mates are collecting money so that she could afford her expenses needed for operating it. I wonder if the world is changing or it’s just my perception? Such changes did awestruck me to the core. The sessionals are on, but the students are tensed because of not having much gifts in this festive season. This makes me laugh.

Nowadays, people find happiness in the minute things they observe, they do and in what they feel. A friend of mine told me this, perhaps He is right.

People still find themselves a way to be happy and cheerful. They enjoy in drastic times too. Life is harder but these things make it simply amazing to survive.

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