The Review of the outstanding Movie – Pk; adding a slight of spice to it.

Probably this would be my first review on any movie. Confessing this at the starting of it would turn out a disaster, I guess and You wouldn’t be interested to read further more! I apologize for being rude, if I am. I haven’t reviewed even my favourite movies too! But this one, just held me ablaze and I am struggling to not really write anything on this phenomenal piece of shit.
Aamir was never my favourite, and neither did he manage to snuggle on my huge list! People called him “Perfectionist,” for he had a good taste when it came to the survival of society and it’s norms. I abnegated on the “Perfectionist” tag. It’s not that I hated him, but I didn’t love him either.
As I watched his latest movie, I released how wrong I was! He justified our norms to live, and the beliefs on our cultures much politely with such dense thoughts. We, the Humans are clearly the world’s most biggest idiots! We’ve become so impulsive influenced by our day to day tasks that we don’t introspect ourselves and That’s the actual sin!
A few tag themselves as orthodox creatures, and others are drowning themselves in religious customs and the left ones, well they consider themselves to be atheists. But It’s all about how you live your life, at what cost and what morals.
Meanwhile, Anushka had definitely tried to pull off the strings with the amiable and modest behaviour in the movie. She helped the one in need without expecting anything in return. That’s what real friends do.
The situations depicted in this movie are noteworthy. Yes, I am inspired by Aamir, His character bounded me.
Sushant played a very short role, which was quite sweet and lovely. His character defined the actual meaning of faith.
I am quite sure, that now the media is trying to pull off Aamir’s image saying he is against the religions and nationalism! Ironically, he maybe even accused as a traitor in the name of nation and religion and boycott this movie! How ridiculous it may sound, that’s the grave truth of us.
We define ourselves in such a way and We are not ashamed at all. Instead we value the bad and pity the good. We try profits on other’s loss, no matter how inhuman it sounds.
This movie is all about this mentioned above. I couldn’t restrain myself from questioning my beliefs and customs which are clearly baseless.
Everything was much simpler unless; we, the humans complicate it more.
Hats off Aamir Khan!
I do agree now, you’re a Perfectionist undoubtedly.
Alien Aamir justified it all.
” Kuch seekh ke gaya, kuch seekha ke;
Jhoot bolna seekha, aur seekhaya pyaar ka asli matlab….”


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